Fayette County GA

Month: March 2016

Education Update March 2015

Education Centers of Excellence and Lifelong Learning    The Education Committee met March 15 and discussed Fayette‘s goal of having a world class K-12 education system.  The committee broke into smaller work groups that were tasked to define what a “world class” education system looks like and what metrics should be considered to monitor progress. The groups determined that…
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Economy Update March 2016

Economy Growing a Prosperous and Dynamic Economy    The March Economy Committee meeting featured a presentation by Joan Young of the Fayette County Development Authority. She outlined key target markets: Aviation/Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing Data Processing Film/New Media Headquarters IT Young discussed incentives. She explained that FCDA currently uses incentives that are negotiated on a case-by-case…
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Community Update March 2016

Community Ensuring a Safe, Inclusive and Diverse Community The most recent Community Committee consisted of a group of young professionals businesses like Aventure Aviation to students with AVPRIDE. Their discussions focused on which types of extracurricular – non-school activities millennials need to have in Fayette County in order for them to want to make it…
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Place Update March 2016

  Place Building a place to Live, Interact and Enjoy    The January Place Committee broke out into three sub-committees focused on each goal. They are: * Develop additional quality-of-life amenities * Encourage housing and development that appeals to a broad population of all ages * Expand transportation infrastructure and mobility options All three sub-committees…
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