Fayette County GA

Month: June 2016

Economy Update June 2016

The Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA) has rolled out its new marketing plan.  The plan follows basic Marketing 101 focusing on three of the four marketing Ps:  product, price and promotion. Product, in the world of economic development, means available buildings, usually 25,000 sq. ft. or larger, or available property that could accommodate buildings of…
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Place Update June 2016

by Carlotta Ungaro One year ago, my Fayette Citizen column was titled, “What’s In a Brand?” I talked about the importance of community branding because the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA) had plans for a new brand.  However, during their due diligence, FCDA decided their branding effort would be stronger if it also included two…
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Education Update June 2016

Fayette County has had limited offerings from post-secondary institutions within the county.  Clayton State and Central Michigan University both offer classes in Peachtree City but until last year, there was no post-secondary campuses in Fayette County. Georgia Military College (GMC) opened the Fayetteville campus in the summer of 2015. Its first semester saw an enrollment…
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Community Update June 2016

AVPRIDE and The City of Fayetteville pack one-two punch in youth leadership and civic engagement AVPRIDE and The City of Fayetteville have taken to heart Fayette Vision’s call to develop youth leadership and civic engagement programs, with a powerful one-two punch over the last six months.  The two have collaborated to promote youth engagement in…
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Fayette County Restaurant Week

Fayette County Restaurant Week July 21-26