Fayette County GA

Calendar Posting Policy

Submit Event Posting Request

If your organization has an upcoming community event which you would like to post on our calendar,  please familiarize yourself with the Community Event Calendar Posting Policy first.   To provide timely notification to the community,  please submit your request at least 15 days prior to the date of the event.  We will make every effort to approve and post events within 48-72 hours of receipt.

Event announcements should include:

o    The name of the group, organization or person sponsoring the event

o    Contact information for the event organizer

o    A concise description of the event

o    Date of the event

o    Venue and location of the event

o    Telephone number

o    Web site address

o    Photo or graphic related to the event (encouraged if available)

o    Price and how to purchase tickets (if applicable)