Fayette County GA

Community Events Bring Fayette Together

Community Events Bring Fayette Together



Several recent community events are wonderful examples of community engagement opportunities directly aligning with the Visioning Community Implementation Team’s goal to “welcome, connect and celebrate all residents, and create new engagement opportunities”.


Cultural Arts Week at Peeples Elementary offered students a showcase of international arts with direct ties to citizens who live here in Fayette County, showcasing cultures from around the globe.

peeples elementary

AVPRIDE’s Hawaiian Run Thingy offered a 5K and a 1 mile run/walk/roll and combined it with a community event for the entire family. Fun, health, diversity and inclusiveness were showcased in this inaugural event that had something for everyone.

hawaiian run thingy



The Visioning Community Implementation Team encourages Fayette citizens, residents and organizations to promote community engagement and celebrate the culture, diversity, and inclusiveness in Fayette!  Share your stories with us at Connect4Fayette.