Community Update – May 2017

Community Update – May 2017
The Community’s Role in Branding
While the new marketing blueprint that the Fayette Chamber and FCDA commissioned on behalf of Fayette Visioning is primarily focused on economic development and talent attraction, it also plays a role in community cohesiveness.
DCI, who developed the blueprint, found that local events were often only promoted in the city it occurs. One of their recommendations is marketing these events across the entire county, as well as outside the county.
The plan also includes several ambitious recommendations to build community.  One of great interest is providing an opportunity for Fayette Countians to tell their story.  The idea was inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps and is tied to the new brand mark and tagline “create your story.”
Another idea in the plan focused on co-branding. This tactic encourages organizations using the brand mark on their websites and relevant collateral.  It also recommends that individuals show their support by placing brand mark stickers on their vehicles, including golf carts, and sporting “swag” featuring the brand mark.
The Chamber and Fayette Visioning are taking the co-branding one step further.  Fayette Visioning has incorporated the brand mark colors and fonts to its logo.  The Fayette Chamber is in the process of making similar changes to its logo.  FCDA and several of the local governments are considering adopting logo modifications using the brand mark standards as well.
Stay on the lookout as the plan implementation moves forward and products come available featuring the logo. In the meantime, create your Fayette story.