Fayette County GA

Community Implementation Team

Community Implementation Team

The Community Implementation Team is working to help Fayette progress in three key areas:
1) Proactively develop new leaders across all generations and ethnicities.
2) Welcome, connect and celebrate all residents and create new engagement opportunities.
3) Sustain Fayette’s excellence in health and public safety.

The Vision: Fayette County will be a model community for embracing changing demographics and building a place where all types of people can find a home. Racial and ethnic diversity will be celebrated. Young and old generations will find common ground through their engagement in the community and sharing of leadership experiences.

Fayette residents will be able to rally around a common identity and understand the dynamics that are ongoing in their community. Together, the residents of Fayette will be proud of their home and work tirelessly to ensure that Fayette continues to be an inclusive, safe and welcoming community.

Community Team Focus: Ensuring our diverse community continues to be inclusive, safe and welcoming

Community Implementation Team Co-chairs – Cathy Berggren and Mike Stachura