Economy Update – May 2017

Economy Update – May 2017
DCI Provides Fayette a New Marketing Blueprint
Last summer, the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and FCDA took the first step toward implementing the Fayette Visioning plan tactic to create a countywide brand and marketing strategy, The plan was to lay out tactics for attracting jobs, industry and workforce to Fayette County. DCI was chosen and after six months of primary and secondary research, the plan was complete.
One of the surveys with site selection consultants revealed that many were not familiar with Fayette County.  Those that were thought workforce was its greatest strength.
After reviewing FCDA’s target markets as well as its marketing tools, DCI provided a specific list of recommendations. For example, FCDA’s website is visually appealing, however, the information, particularly on the homepage, should be focused more on what companies seeking to relocate and expand are looking for and less focused on what FCDA is.
DCI recommended specific marketing tactics including attending regional and national site selection consultants conferences and leveraging regional and state economic development partners when participating in industry-specific trade shows and conferences. Another recommendation was engaging in proactive public relations campaigns in partnership with the Fayette Chamber and ratcheting up its social media presence. DCI’s recommendations even included an extensive list of media outlets.
DCI’s marketing blueprint will allow FCDA’s new director to hit the ground running when he or she comes on board.