Fayette County GA

Education Team Updates re Technical College, WBL

Education Team Updates re Technical College, WBL

Kim Schnoes and Paul Schultz, co-chairs of the visioning Education Implementation Team, updated the Fayette County Board of Education on April 20th about the progress and goals of Fayette Visioning,  highlighting the alignment of visioning goals for expanded work-based learning (WBL) opportunities and post secondary offerings in Fayette County with recent board of education activities in those areas.

The co-chairs stressed that both expanded internship opportunities and the addition of a technical school presence in the county are key concerns of both business stakeholders and residents as clearly identified during the community research documented in the Visioning Competitive Assessment.  Currently, Fayette is one of the largest counties in Georgia with no technical college presence.

At the May 18th Board meeting, the Board of Education voted unanimously to expand its Career, Technology and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program to include more health science and culinary arts applied learning programs, and to centralize some of the upper level courses at one facility to provide needed capacity to accommodate the large number of students expressing interest in those two career areas of interest.   The Board also agreed that the school system could begin talks with Southern Crescent Technical College about a possible partnership to benefit student learning options.  Both actions are in concert with the Fayette public schools’ ongoing efforts to enhance students’ readiness for College and Careers.

These developments directly align with the Visioning Education Implementation Team’s goal to “blend offerings related to academic and technical education where knowledge applies to real-world settings…” (Education goal 1.1.4)