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Education Update March 2015

Education Update March 2015


Centers of Excellence and Lifelong Learning 


The Education Committee met March 15 and discussed Fayette‘s goal of having a world class K-12 education system.  The committee broke into smaller work groups that were tasked to define what a “world class” education system looks like and what metrics should be considered to monitor progress.

The groups determined that a “world class” system has every advantage for ALL Fayette students, providing opportunities for top level academics, exposure to possible career pathways and a global perspective of learning.

Special emphasis was placed on the fact that not all Fayette students are on a pathway to college and university, so options must be available for students who are on a vocational track, may have special needs, or are a non-traditional student.

Conversations about metrics are just beginning. In addition to required state and local metrics, other metrics can be considered to show progress in this goal.

The next Education committee meeting is Tuesday, May 17 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Location for the meeting is to be announced as the committee may take “field trips” to educational venues around the county.

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