Fayette County GA

Education Implementation Team

Education Implementation Team

The Education Implementation Team is focused on helping Fayette achieve three key objectives:

1) Create a K-12 system that is recognized as a world-class asset
2) Increase postsecondary education opportunities in Fayette County, and
3) Actively support district teachers and staff

The Vision: Fayette County will have an education system that is recognized as a national and international leader. Built on the strength of Fayette County Schools, the k-12 system will be known for its strategic use of technology that provides all students with access to new subjects and career tracks. Graduates will have exposure to leadership training, experience with the business community, and the skills to be productive citizens. Every student, young and old, will have access to exceptional learning opportunities, across the full continuum of learning, which will attract students and families to Fayette County.

Education Team Focus: Creating a center of excellence for K-12 education and continuous lifelong learning

Education Team Co-chairs – Kim Schnoes and Paul Schultz

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