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Fayette Visioning Summit Details Successes, Next Steps

Fayette Visioning Summit Details Successes, Next Steps

December 18, 2015
Fayette Visioning Summit Details Successes, Next Steps

Fayetteville, GA (December 11, 2015) The Fayette Visioning Initiative held its first summit to highlight its successes in its first year of operation as well as present the plans for the future.

The December 11th meeting was held at the Aberdeen Woods Conference Center (formerly Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree) with approximately 150 people in attendance. Fayette Visioning chair Larris Marks led the event. The chairs of the four focus area committees (Education, Community, Economy and Place) presented the 2015 status reports and upcoming plans for 2016.

Kim Schnoes, certified financial planner with Peachtree Planning Corporation and chair of the Education Committee stated the committee’s success story is defining “world class” education. Fayette County Schools are working on customizing student curriculum based on the individual’s passion, abilities and learning preferences. For 2016 the Education committee will focus on collaboration with business and industry leaders to increase internships and lifelong learning initiatives.

Mike Stachura, pastor of Grace Evangelical Church in Fayetteville and the chair of the Community Committee laid out a vision of leadership opportunities and civic engagement for all Fayette County citizens. Statchura cited the abundance of community events held this year that included numerous citizens with diverse backgrounds. He highlighted a cricket match between the employees of Panasonic and Aventure Aviation and The Hawaiian Run Thingy hosted by AVPRIDE.

Zaheer Faruqi, president, Aventure Aviation in Peachtree City presented the goals for the Economy Committee which is focused on three areas: marketing Fayette County for relocation and expansion, growing small business and entrepreneurial opportunities and supporting a sustainable film and entertainment cluster. Faruqi highlighted the success of the Industry Council that is bringing together leaders of Fayette industry to share best practices and problem solving.

Finally, Vickie Butler, chair of the Place Committee and a realtor with Keller Williams presented the committee goals: quality of life, housing for all ages and lifestyles as well as expanded transportation and mobility options. She noted that the successful collaboration between Tyrone, Peachtree City, Fayette County, Fairburn, Fulton County and the Georgia Department of Transportation on the Highway 74 corridor project is allowing for thoughtful and purposeful growth in the County.

Marks closed out the event remarking, “We were pleased that so many interested citizens and stakeholders could hear about the great work being accomplished to shape the future of the Fayette County community.”

More information about the inaugural summit and opportunities to get involved in one or more of the committees can be found at www.FayetteVision.org. Additionally, the committee meeting dates and times are on the websites calendar and interested citizens are welcome and invited to attend at any time.

Requests for information, requests to join a committee, or questions can be answered by emailing Info@FayetteVision.org or by visiting www.FayetteVision.org .


The Fayette Visioning Initiative is a diverse group of Fayette County business and community leaders who have come together to lead the community through a process to implement a five year vision plan for Fayette County. Further information about the visioning process, the complete Vision Plan document, corresponding implementation guidelines, and other important process documentation can be found at www.FayetteVision.org. Email info@FayetteVision.org to join the mailing list or request a visioning speaker for your group or organization.