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Fayette Visioning Summit – Education Report

Fayette Visioning Summit – Education Report

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~ The comments below were delivered by Kim Schnoes, Education Committee Chair, at the Annual Summit ~


Fayette Visioning Summit

December 11, 2015

Education Committee Report

A significant shift occurred for the initial steering committee upon acknowledging our aspiration to develop a “world-class” education system for Fayette County. What characteristics, curriculum and opportunities comprise a “world class” K-12 education system? While participating in a district-wide strategic planning process the school board, administrators and educators identified the following attributes of a “world class” education system:

Customizing student curriculum based upon an individual’s passion, abilities and learning preferences.

Creating an authentic learning environment inclusive of learning processes which develop, review, evaluate and revise work consistently; enabling students and teachers to recognize a variety of solutions exist to most identified problems.

Collaborating with business and industry leaders providing students and teachers with a global environment of learning, including participation in work place internships, opportunities to learn foreign languages, observe cultural differences and enhance global competencies.

The Education Committee’s strategic goals include:

Create a K-12 system recognized as a world- class asset.

Increase post-secondary education opportunities.

Actively support teachers and staff.

The Fayette County School system recently created a video illustrating the curriculum and activities included within its definition of a “world class” education system. It’s my pleasure to introduce this video as confirmation and recognition of the K-12 school system’s on-going endeavors related to the education committee’s goals.


~ Video not included in this blog post ~

Including the Fayette County School System along with the Career Technical Agricultural Education/ Center of Innovation and affiliated Parent Teacher Organizations other implementation partners include: Clayton State University, Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Military College, Southern Crescent Technical College and the business community. We look forward to sharing future reports of the many successes within our post-secondary education and business partnerships.


~ If you are interested in joining the Education Committee, or learning more about the work they are doing, please email a request to join the newsletter at Fayette@fayettevisioning.com.  Or you can visit the Education Page at http://fayettevision.org/implementation/Education/ ~