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Fayette Visioning Summit – Place Report

Fayette Visioning Summit – Place Report

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~ The comments below were delivered by Vickie Butler, Place Committee Chair, at the Annual Summit ~

Fayette Visioning Summit

December 11, 2015

Place Committee Report

I am Vickie Butler with Keller Williams. I serve as the chair of the Place Committee and our focus is creating a sense of place in Fayette County that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our three goals are:

  • Develop additional qualify of life amenities
  • Encourage housing and development that appeals to a broad population of all ages
  • Expand transportation infrastructure and mobility options

Our primary implementation partners will be our local governments.

Of all the committees, the goals and strategies are predominantly long-term projects that take time to build and create which means our participation now is critical. The Place Committee is already making an impact. For example, at our second meeting, we discovered that while Fayette County and the cities all are required to create comprehensive plans, they were not working on them together. Now they are working in tandem.

We are also excited to see that proposed developments around Pinewood Studios incorporates housing choices that are varied in style, size and price points. And the City of Fayetteville currently has up for public comment, a downtown plan to enhance walkability and mixed use. We expect the Fayetteville City Council to vote on that project in the coming months.

Peachtree City has led the way on alternative transportation with its famous cart paths and they are looking at ways to maintain what they have and expand as needed. In the meantime, Tyrone is making plans to expand their cart path options.

But the success story I’d like to focus on today showcases partnerships to solve problems in planning for the future. The 2015 success story for the Place Committee is The 74 Gateway Coalition.

The Gateway Coalition was created in the spring of 2014 to foster improved economic development opportunities and revitalization of the Georgia SR74 Corridor in Fulton and Fayette County. Development around the I-85/74 exchange in Fairburn was developing so quickly that standards were needed to keep the traffic flow moving and the attractiveness of the area maintained. Looking to the future and potential growth, Tyrone wanted to make sure rules were in place for coming development on 74 was appropriate. Peachtree City and the County wanted to weigh in to make sure plans adopted were consistent and met the needs of all.

So the coalition was formed to include Fairburn, Tyrone, Peachtree City and Fayette County. Also included as interested stakeholders are Fulton County BOC, the South Fulton Community Improvement District, the Atlanta Regional Commission the Fayette County Development Authority and the Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

In August of 2014, coalition partners adopted a memorandum of understanding outlining a shared corridor vision.

2015 has delivered a huge step in the success of this project. The Coalition is proud to announce that GDOT has selected the Gateway Study for funding for Fiscal Year 16.  The project will be approved and added to the Transportation Improvement Program as part of The Atlanta Region’s Plan.  This is a win-win for Fayette County and for Fulton County’s Fairburn Community. Additionally this means that the plan implementation will begin well ahead of the 1-85/SR74 interchange improvements scheduled for 2017.

There is still work to be done on this project. For 2016, the group will look to develop public-private partnerships that will address funding initiative and long term viability of the corridor.

In addition to 2015’s ongoing projects, the Place Committee will focus on branding and transportation options in the coming year.

~ If you are interested in joining the Place Committee, or learning more about the work they are doing, please email a request to join the newsletter at Fayette@fayettevisioning.com.  Or you can visit the Place Page at http://fayettevision.org/implementation/place/ ~