Fayette County GA

Place Update March 2016

Place Update March 2016



Building a place to Live, Interact and Enjoy 


The January Place Committee broke out into three sub-committees focused on each goal. They are:
* Develop additional quality-of-life amenities
* Encourage housing and development that appeals to a broad population of all ages
* Expand transportation infrastructure and mobility options
All three sub-committees reviewed the strategies and tasks outlined to reach goals and the updated program of work. The Quality-of-Life sub-committee has several immediate projects underway including setting up an arts organization and exploring the possibilities of a performing arts center.
The March Place Committee was postponed for the Fayette Forward event. The presentations in the Fayette Forward event offered great ideas for achieving the goals and strategies outlined in the Place Committee.

The next meeting is May 11 at 8 a.m. at the Fayette Chamber of Commerce. The sub-committees will report on their activities and have discussions on next steps and integration of ideas and actions from the Fayette Forward event.

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