Place Update – May 2017

Place Update – May 2017
Creating Place, Creating Story
Creating a community-wide brand, a goal under the Place committee, is underway with the first step, creating a marketing blueprint and brand mark, is now completed.
DCI was engaged to develop the blueprint and the brand. When DCI began their research, they found that Fayette Countians valued family, community and safety above all else. Locals also felt strongly that Fayette County was THE best place to raise and family and be part of the community.
DCI also found a community that did not want to lose its history while it embraced the future. Research brought to light that Fayette County had been a place of inspiration for great writers including Margaret Mitchell, Ferrol Sams and Robert Burch.  The tradition of creating story continues with the film industry and the musicians that call Fayette County home.
The brand mark is a small part of DCI’s marketing blueprint but it creates the most passion.  Creating a brand and tag line for Fayette County was a tall order; it had to represent five very different cities and towns, as well as the rural areas, while be authentic and aspirational. After much research and testing with our target markets of site selection consultants and especially local young professionals, “Create Your Story” rose to the top.
A big part of the marketing blueprint is focused on talent attraction.  Fayette County is a special place with a great story to tell but we have not done a good job of telling it. The plan includes targeted and specific recommendations for a public relations campaign, a website focused on marketing Fayette County to people instead of the traditional websites that are focused on attracting business and expanding events to reach people regionally versus just locally.
Now that the plan is done, the work of executing the three-year plan now begins!