Fayette County GA

Prosperity Team holds informational meeting

Prosperity Team holds informational meeting

The Prosperity Implementation Team held its second meeting on May 5th at the Tyrone Library.   Team co-chairs Zaheer Faruqi and Michael Harbin reported an excellent turnout again at this meeting by interested residents from across the county.

The focus of this meeting was background presentations made by two Fayette Visioning implementation partners,  Emily Poole from the Fayette County Development Authority, and Lisa Collins representing the Fayette County Public Schools CTAE (Career, Technology & Agricultural Education) department.   Both presentations were in follow-up to questions which arose at the first Prosperity meeting related to how economic development works in the community,  and what all is currently being done at the board of education to provide work based learning and internships for students.  The presentations provided excellent background information as the group begins to focus on which priorities it will work on first.

The Prosperity Implementation Team has the following 3 overall objectives guiding its work:
1) Support small business and entrepreneurial growth
2) Attract, retain and expand businesses that employ Fayette residents, and
3) Develop a sustainable film and entertainment cluster.

Michael Harbin asked the group to do a small amount of homework before the next meeting,  and take the survey on the www.FayetteCTAE.org website if they are interested in assisting the schools in providing internships,  or other assistance such as speaking to a class on their area of career expertise.

The next Prosperity Implementation Team meeting has not yet been scheduled, but will be announced on the FayetteVisioning.org web site and, like all visioning team meetings,  is open to the community.