Fayette County GA

Welcome to Fayette Visioning!

The Fayette Visioning project began with the goal to bring the future our residents want to see, to life.  If this is your first visit, start here for info on the vision plan, as well as our progress to this point, and how to get involved!



Residents, businesses and community leaders of Fayette County, Georgia have come together to create a unifying vision and an associated five year plan of citizen led efforts to achieve that vision.  The process has included extensive public input, stakeholder perspectives, and community involvement.

Since 2013,  with the help of Market Street Services, we have completed a Competitive Assessment which bench marked Fayette with other leading communities, and gathered invaluable input from our residents. Based on that research,  a five year Vision Plan was developed, including specific, measurable actions centered around four themes (Education; Prosperity; Community and Place) which emerged from the public input.

In January 2015,  four citizen led implementation teams began meeting to determine priorities in the Vision Plan, and to identify specific goals the teams desired to work toward.   Progress and news from each of the teams will be regularly shared with the community on this site in addition to social media, print media and local community presentations and meetings.

We invite you to connect with us and get involved.   Follow us on social media.   Add your name to our newsletter list.  Join one or more of the four implementation teams by attending an upcoming meeting.  Invite visioning volunteer leaders to make a presentation on Fayette Vision at your organization.   Or e-mail us any questions you have.  We invite you to Connect4Fayette!

The Vision:  Fayette County is the place where bold ideas become reality.  We will achieve this through our collaborative and inclusive leadership that elevates education, economic prosperity, employment opportunities, and quality of life to unrivaled heights.