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Place Update – May 2017

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Place Update – May 2017
Creating Place, Creating Story
Creating a community-wide brand, a goal under the Place committee, is underway with the first step, creating a marketing blueprint and brand mark, is now completed.
DCI was engaged to develop the blueprint and the brand. When DCI began their research, they found that Fayette Countians valued family, community and safety above all else. Locals also felt strongly that Fayette County was THE best place to raise and family and be part of the community.
DCI also found a community that did not want to lose its history while it embraced the future. Research brought to light that Fayette County had been a place of inspiration for great writers including Margaret Mitchell, Ferrol Sams and Robert Burch.  The tradition of creating story continues with the film industry and the musicians that call Fayette County home.
The brand mark is a small part of DCI’s marketing blueprint but it creates the most passion.  Creating a brand and tag line for Fayette County was a tall order; it had to represent five very different cities and towns, as well as the rural areas, while be authentic and aspirational. After much research and testing with our target markets of site selection consultants and especially local young professionals, “Create Your Story” rose to the top.
A big part of the marketing blueprint is focused on talent attraction.  Fayette County is a special place with a great story to tell but we have not done a good job of telling it. The plan includes targeted and specific recommendations for a public relations campaign, a website focused on marketing Fayette County to people instead of the traditional websites that are focused on attracting business and expanding events to reach people regionally versus just locally.
Now that the plan is done, the work of executing the three-year plan now begins!

Community Update – May 2017

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Community Update – May 2017
The Community’s Role in Branding
While the new marketing blueprint that the Fayette Chamber and FCDA commissioned on behalf of Fayette Visioning is primarily focused on economic development and talent attraction, it also plays a role in community cohesiveness.
DCI, who developed the blueprint, found that local events were often only promoted in the city it occurs. One of their recommendations is marketing these events across the entire county, as well as outside the county.
The plan also includes several ambitious recommendations to build community.  One of great interest is providing an opportunity for Fayette Countians to tell their story.  The idea was inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps and is tied to the new brand mark and tagline “create your story.”
Another idea in the plan focused on co-branding. This tactic encourages organizations using the brand mark on their websites and relevant collateral.  It also recommends that individuals show their support by placing brand mark stickers on their vehicles, including golf carts, and sporting “swag” featuring the brand mark.
The Chamber and Fayette Visioning are taking the co-branding one step further.  Fayette Visioning has incorporated the brand mark colors and fonts to its logo.  The Fayette Chamber is in the process of making similar changes to its logo.  FCDA and several of the local governments are considering adopting logo modifications using the brand mark standards as well.
Stay on the lookout as the plan implementation moves forward and products come available featuring the logo. In the meantime, create your Fayette story.

Education Update – May 2017

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Education Update – May 2017
Connecting Business and the Classroom
This week, students at high schools across Fayette County are receiving their GeorgiaBEST certification for demonstrating the critical soft skills required to be successful in the workplace. Utilized this year in the Work-Based Learning program at every Fayette County high school, and in healthcare classes at McIntosh High School, the GeorgiaBEST program focuses on teaching skills such as punctuality, communication skills, professional image, teamwork, attitude and respect, time management, and good work habits.
Certificates are earned after successful completion of work in ten soft skill areas with ongoing observation and teacher assessment. Students earning the highest level of GeorgiaBEST Elite have also completed at least a semester internship through Work-Based Learning and a portfolio.  GeorgiaBEST certificates give students an advantage with employers who can be confident that they have strong work habits and are ready for the workforce.
Started in 2011 by the Georgia Department of Labor, the GeorgiaBEST (Business Ethics Student Training) program was developed to address the concerns of Georgia’s businesses who found that many new hires lacked the soft skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce. As reported by Forbes Magazine, 89 percent of all new hires who lose their jobs do so because of a lack of soft skills.
“These high school students will not only have academic credentials leaving high school, but also have employability skills that will help set them apart in today’s competitive job market,” said Virginia Gibbs, Coordinator of Innovative Business Partnerships, Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeships.

Economy Update – May 2017

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Economy Update – May 2017
DCI Provides Fayette a New Marketing Blueprint
Last summer, the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and FCDA took the first step toward implementing the Fayette Visioning plan tactic to create a countywide brand and marketing strategy, The plan was to lay out tactics for attracting jobs, industry and workforce to Fayette County. DCI was chosen and after six months of primary and secondary research, the plan was complete.
One of the surveys with site selection consultants revealed that many were not familiar with Fayette County.  Those that were thought workforce was its greatest strength.
After reviewing FCDA’s target markets as well as its marketing tools, DCI provided a specific list of recommendations. For example, FCDA’s website is visually appealing, however, the information, particularly on the homepage, should be focused more on what companies seeking to relocate and expand are looking for and less focused on what FCDA is.
DCI recommended specific marketing tactics including attending regional and national site selection consultants conferences and leveraging regional and state economic development partners when participating in industry-specific trade shows and conferences. Another recommendation was engaging in proactive public relations campaigns in partnership with the Fayette Chamber and ratcheting up its social media presence. DCI’s recommendations even included an extensive list of media outlets.
DCI’s marketing blueprint will allow FCDA’s new director to hit the ground running when he or she comes on board.

Place Update – April 2017

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Place Update – April 2017
Jurisdictions to move forward on SPLOST projects
The passage of the one-penny SPLOST will help Fayette County and its municipalities fund a number of key infrastructure, safety, roads and quality-of-life projects. On Fayette County’s project list is the repair and replacement of miles of stormwater pipes that are at the end of their lifespan, deteriorated or damaged. The County will also upgrade the public safety radio system and will improve and maintain county roads leveraging federal matching dollars.
Peachtree City will use SPLOST funds to upgrade the Lake Peachtree dam and spillway to meet the current classification for Category I standards and resurface roads and make operational and congestion relief improvements. The City will also use funds to maintain and repair existing multi-use paths. SPLOST funds in the City of Fayetteville be will used to construct a new fire station and other safety department improvements, conduct miles of road resurfacing and make critical upgrades to the wastewater plant. In addition to road and sewer projects, the town of Tyrone will invest in new police vehicles and parks and recreation improvements. The town of Brooks will focus on road improvements and the town of Woolsey will receive a much-needed restoration project to its historic mercantile building to be used as a gathering place for residents and visitors.

Community Update – April 2017

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Community Update – April 2017
Voter engagement in March 21 special election by Mike Stachura, FV Community Chair
On March 21, Fayette County held a special election for the special projects local option sales tax. This is the first SPLOST to pass since 2004. Fayette County’s 11-percent turnout was better than other counties with SPLOSTs held on the same day and was the same as the municipal elections in Fayette County in 2015.
Voter turnout in any election that does not include national elections has a significantly lower turn out and this election was no different. Last year provided a great example of this. Georgia held a special presidential primary on March 1 and Fayette County voter turnout was 51.4 percent. The May 24 regular primary included local, state and federal seats, excluding the president and Fayette County’s turnout there was half of the presidential-only primary at 25.1 percent.
Except for the impact of income tax, local government has the greatest impact on the local residents. They make decisions for schools, land use, permitting and delivery of services that protects person and property safe. Fayette County’s municipal elections will happen this fall. If you are not registered, please do so. If you really want to make an impact, consider running for office!

In other news related to Fayette Visioning’s Community goals, Piedmont Fayette was named, for the third year in a row, one of the top 50 hospitals in the U.S. and Fayette County remains the third healthiest county in Georgia.

Economy Update – April 2017

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Economy Update – April 2017
Georgia Economic Developers Association comes to Fayette County in April
The April 17 Luncheon of the Georgia Economic Developers Association will be held at the Studio Cafe, Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production Center. The program will feature the film industry in Georgia, including the story of Pinewood Atlanta Studios, industry-insider perspectives, a focus on workforce development and the Georgia Film Academy and learn the latest about a new community being developed near the studios that is designed with film professionals in mind. Hear all about the exciting future of film in Georgia!
Panelists will include:
  • Jeff Stepakoff with Georgia Film Academy will discuss Film Industry Workforce
  • Brian Cooper, VP Pinewood Atlanta Studios will discuss the current status of the studios, future growth and the film industry in general
  • Rob Parker, President of Pinewood Forrest will discuss the Pinewood Forrest development, growth plans, building a community for creative class targeted to film
  • Joe Hanna, Co-owner, Hanna Bros. Motion Picture Catering will discuss their experience in the industry, relocating the business headquarters to Georgia and current industry growth in Georgia
The Fayette Chamber is a member of GEDA and can provide access to tickets for non-GEDA members.  The fee is $60 for those registering by April 13 and $65 if registering later.  If you would like to attend, email the Chamber here.

Education Update – April 2017

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Education Update – April 2017
Internship opportunities for business
Are you interested in preparing our workforce of tomorrow? Consider providing an internship or apprenticeship opportunity in which your business works with one or more talented high school juniors or seniors who are participating in the Work-Based Learning program through Fayette County Public Schools.
Hundreds of local businesses or organizations currently provide job opportunities to students with a wide range of career interests ranging from engineering,  business & entrepreneurship, healthcare, IT, human resources, marketing and PR, automotive, manufacturing, skilled trade jobs, accounting and many more! We are currently selecting students who will work with interested businesses for the upcoming school year.

If you’d like to sign up for the program or would like more information, please contact Virginia Gibbs, Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator via e-mail at gibbs.virginia@mail.fcboe.org or 770-716-1209 ext 231. You can learn more by viewing a 3 minute video where students and business leaders talk about their experience with the program on the Work-Based Learning website.

The work-based learning program has been a win-win for the Chamber and our intern, Alexa. She has gained job skills and work experience. The Chamber gained her fresh perspective that has helped us accomplish projects we would not have done without her!”  – Paige Muh, Fayette Chamber of Commerce
The next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 18 from 4:00 -5:30 p.m. at the Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

Place Update – January 2017

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Place Update – January 2017

2016 Year in Review: Goals, Successes and Indicators

Community Update – January 2017

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Community Update – January 2017

2016 Year in Review: Goals, Successes and Indicators