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Education Update – November 2016

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Education Update – November 2016
Hoshizaki Hosts Fayette Teachers for National Manufacturing Day
By Paige Muh, Community Development Director, Fayette Chamber of Commerce
On the morning of October 27, Hoshizaki America hosted engineering and business teachers from Fayette County’s middle and high schools to tour their facility and learn about modern manufacturing.  The educators discovered that Hoshizaki’s clean, safe, organized work environment relies on high-tech processes that demand an increasingly skilled and talented workforce.
The event was planned in honor of National Manufacturing Day and was a collaborative project between Hoshizaki, Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute and the Career and Technical Education department of Fayette County Schools. The event demonstrated the community’s commitment to work together.
Larry Alford, regional manager of the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, outlined the event objectives.
  • Recognize the impact manufacturing and Hoshizaki has in our community
  • Showcase the careers Hoshizaki offers across many disciplines
  • Illustrate the organized, clean, safe, challenging nature of advanced manufacturing
  • Demonstrate the need for partnerships between education and industry to address workforce shortages and enable all students to identify and pursue exciting careers
  • Highlight the creativity shown by Fayette County Schools to engage and support STEM initiatives and work-based learning
After the plant tour and demonstrations of production and fabrication techniques, Hoshizaki’s executive team met with the teachers to further expound on the background and skill sets that they look for when hiring employees. The executive team emphasized that hands-on experience and strong soft skills are essential requirement for any job candidate, in addition to their technical expertise.


Exposing Fayette County teachers firsthand to today’s manufacturing environment can directly benefit Fayette County students. Teachers can tailor curriculum concepts to real-world business and industry applications; they will be better able to communicate career opportunities and expectations to their students; and collaboration between industry and education through work-based learning can be fostered.


ABOUT HOSHIZAKI AMERICA, INC.:  Hoshizaki America, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of equipment for the foodservice industry. With corporate headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia, and a second manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia, operates some of the most automated production facilities in the industry.

Economy Update – November 2016

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Economy Update – November 2016
Developer’s Day in Fayette County

Attracting business relocations and expansions to your community is tough work. With more than 15,000 communities in the U.S. alone vying for about 1,500 to 2,000 projects a year, the competition is fierce.  The industry is also driven more and more by site selection consultants. These companies are firms that specialize in working with businesses to find the best location. They identify what is important to the company and then seek out a community that is a good match. They look at workforce availability and cost and available buildings or greenfields that are ready to go. They look at the quality of the local school systems, housing stock and prices as well as what there is to do in the community. Thanks to the web and social media, site selector can assess if a community is welcoming to new business and people or if the culture is anti-business or close-minded. Site selection consultants typically go to state project managers first so it is critical that local communities have strong relationships with the Department of Economic Development, regional partners and Georgia utility companies.

A common marketing practice in economic development is to host a “developers’ day.” The local economic development entity will invite state and regional economic development partners along with site selection consultants that specialize in helping companies in target industry sectors to their community. The day features tours of available sites, presentations about the area and opportunities to connect with local business leaders.
The Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA) hosted Developers’ Day on November 1 to show off Fayette County. The visit included a visit to a site in Tyrone, a stop at Pinewood Studios and at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground. The tour also included drive-by visits to a half-dozen sites in the three larger cities. “FCDA’s staff has worked hard to find available sites and to craft the great story of Fayette County,” stated Darryl Hicks, FCDA chair.  “We are looking forward to the opportunity to sell our community to this important target group and hope to reap the reward of more leads and more announcements in the coming years.”

Fayette Visioning Summit – December 9

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Fayette Visioning Summit – December 9

Fayette Visioning’s Second Annual Summit will be held on December 9 from 7:30 – 10:00 a.m.  Come celebrate Fayette’s community superheroes who work to build Fayette County as the premiere place to be.  Learn what projects are on the horizon including inspired ideas from the recent Strategic Leadership Visit to Greenville, Rock Hill and Fort Mill, South Carolina and Sugar Hill, Georgia.


Fayette Visioning Summit – Celebrating Superheroes
Friday, December 9
7:30 – 10:00 a.m.
Crowne Plaza Atlanta SW Peachtree City
201 Aberdeen Parkway, Peachtree City

Community Update – October 2016

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Community Update – October 2016
Exercising the right to vote is one of the most important activities any U.S. citizen can do and an informed voter is critical to the election process. There is no lack of information about the presidential candidates but the down-ballot races, particularly at the local level, may require more work to gather information on the candidates and issues.  Local policy makers can have just as large an impact on our daily lives as the president so learning about local- and state-level candidates and is critical.
To provide citizens an opportunity to learn about the candidates, Fayette Visioning partnered with Fayette Chamber of Commerce, Fayette County Democratic Party, Fayette County Issues Tea Party, Fayette County Republican Party, NAACP-Fayette County, GA and the Rotary Club of Peachtree City to host a candidates forum on September 27, which also happened to be National Voter Registration Day.  More than 100 people were in attendance.
Fayette Visioning encourages all citizens of voting age to vote and to learn about the candidates.  The Fayette Chamber of Commerce has provided links to candidates’ websites in one place. (http://www.fayettechamber.org/elections-information).

Place Update – October 2016

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Place Update – October 2016
The development process is an interesting, often messy, mesh of citizen input, comprehensive planning and market forces. The public provides input on what kind of development they’d like to see and it is not uncommon that some want no development whatsoever. The planners try to determine what growth is best to sustain community vitality within constraints of utilities and infrastructure capacity. Developers want to build what the market will buy so they, their employees and contractors can earn a living and get a return for the risk taken and capital invested.
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs requires comp plan updates every five years and complete revisions every 10 years. Fayette County and the municipalities must update or revise their comp plans by June 30, 2017. For the first time, Fayette County and the cities are working together to create a cohesive plan for the entire County. Comp plans require significant public input during updates and revisions. The County and municipalities have begun the revision process, which includes citizen committees and numerous public comment sessions. Citizen participation is critical during the revision of the comp plan as it will serve as the future land use map, a guide for future growth and the basis for which zoning codes and development plans are created.
Each local government is now holding meetings on the comprehensive plan and will be conducting online surveys.  When the surveys are ready, Fayette Visioning will assist by sending out to newsletter subscribers and sharing through social media and ask all to complete the surveys.

Education Update – October 2016

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Education Update – October 2016
Eighth-grade teams in Flat Rock Middle School’s Business Education & Computer Science Connections class participated in the school’s inaugural Shark Tank project.  This entrepreneurship project, inspired by the hit ABC show Shark Tank, required student groups to bring to life a product idea with a simple marketing plan, messaging and when appropriate, a product sample or prototype. Groups consisted of three to five students.  The types of goods and services the groups developed ranged from electronic products to online retail to catering to a bakery.
Group 3 students Kennedy, Kieran, Destiny and Alberto (pictured above) Group #3 came up with a retail bakery concept called the Holiday Experiment and their tag line was “where the holidays are everyday!” The students not only provided the “sharks” with samples of their fine baked goods, the group delivered a cohesive, professional presentation of their business concept.
Seven “sharks” (business leaders) participated providing expertise, advice and knowledge to the students while scoring the group projects. Students welcomed the real-world perspective the “sharks” provided.  Community participants included:
  • Carlotta Ungaro: President & CEO of Fayette Chamber of Commerce
  • Jennifer Barnett: Owner of the Dusty Rose Consignment Boutique in Peachtree City
  • Sheila Dusseau: Director of Law Ops & Finance
  • Lisa Collins: Director of CTE for Fayette County Public Schools
  • Mark Turner : CEO of Turner PhotoDesign here in Fayetteville
  • Vendo Toming: Principal of VT Associates, LLC in Peachtree City
  • Dr. Ted Lombard: Coordinator of Safety, Athletics and Discipline for Fayette County Public Schools

Economy Update – October 2016

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Economy Update – October 2016
Aviation took the first place prize of $20,000 in the inaugural Metro Export Challenge, which will go towards expanding their brand into new markets such as China and Ireland.
The 2016 Atlanta Metro Export Challenge is a JPMorgan Chase-powered grant program created to help businesses begin or expand their exporting programs.  The grants were awarded through a process that included a “Shark Tank”-style pitch competition and public online voting.
“Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, so we must encourage local businesses to sell internationally” said Hala Moddelmog, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “We’re excited to watch these winners utilize their grant funds to make more meaningful worldwide connections. Their success in the international marketplace will ultimately enhance our city’s economy and global presence.”
Over the past decade, Atlanta has climbed to 64th from 71st among the Top 100 U.S. metros for exports. In fact, export businesses can now be found in every single metro Atlanta county and in more than 80 percent of Georgia’s 159 counties,” said Dwayne C. Meeks, UPS South Atlantic district president and Atlanta Metro Export Plan (MEP) chairman.
 “We are delighted that the MEP has recognized the potential export growth in our region, and we look forward to the continued support and guidance as we pursue our goals.” said Talha Faruqi, Vice President Operations of Aventure Aviation. For more information about the Atlanta MEP and the region’s export initiatives, visit www.atlantaexportportal.com.
Aventure Aviation is a leading ASA-100 accredited aviation parts and services company headquartered in Peachtree City. With offices in Toronto, Dubai, Riga and Istanbul as well as representatives in strategic locations worldwide. Since 2001, Aventure has earned numerous industry recognitions, including Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance’s (ATE&M) “Best Spare Parts Provider 2011” award. Aventure also has been ranked among America’s fastest growing private companies for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Inc. Magazine.

Place Update – August 2016

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Place Update – August 2016
As one of the more rural counties in the Metro Atlanta area, Fayette County has unique livability offerings.  Fayetteville, founded in 1823 offers historic charm with modern amenities such as one of the best hospitals in the nation.  Peachtree City, with its villages and multiuse path system, is like no other place for family and connectivity.  Up-and-coming Tyrone has been named the happiest town in Georgia!  Brooks and Woolsey offer small-town living at its finest.
Last week, Dan Cathy and business partners unveiled initial plans for Pinewood Forrest, a mixed-use development across the street from Pinewood Atlanta Studios.  The project is expected to have a significant investment on 230 acres.  When built out, the development is expected to have 1,300 residences, hotels, retail, office and healthcare facilities.
Another feature of the development is a proposed performing arts center.  Cathy refers to the entire development as “the ultimate sandbox for a creative artist.”

Community Update – August 2016

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Community Update – August 2016
Peachtree City sets up Community Policing
Chief Janet Moon has revamped Peachtree City’s policing program with a focus on connecting with the community.  The police department, in conjunction with fire rescue frequently posts community information along with positive news about goings on with the City’s first responders on their Facebook page,Peachtree City Police Department and Peachtree City Fire and Rescue and theirTwitter page.
The police website page is another opportunity for engagement.  There, citizens can sign up to receive alerts. Citizens can also file complaints.  This type of ongoing communication helps build public trust.
In April, the police department launched acommunity policing program, headed up by Sgt. Brian Eden.  The goal was to “define what an individual’s door was” and meet them there.  This could be a home, a neighborhood meeting or any place that people gather. Each of the 179 neighborhoods has an assigned officer.  The list of community officers and their contact information is list by neighborhood on thewebsite.
The best way to know what’s going on? Check out the Calendar on the Fayette Visioning website at www.FayetteVision.org/events.
The next Community Committee meeting is Monday, September 19 at 7 p.m. at GRACE Church in Fayetteville.

Education Update – August 2016

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Education Update – August 2016
The Fayette County School system is looking to grow the number of interns that they place with businesses.  Last year, Fayette County placed 77 work-based learning interns in the first half of the year and grew to 90 workers by second semester.  Students are able to explore their career interests firsthand while gaining valuable work experience and building important business relationships.
“The students in the program are talented young adults, and they are eager to see firsthand how the things they are learning in school are applied in the workplace. This program is a fabulous way to make an impact in our community.” says WBL Coordinator, Virginia Gibbs.
So do you have your intern yet?  The school year starts next week.  It’s not too late!  The WBL Coordinator qualifies each business which is part of the program, and businesses must provide a mentor to help guide the student. Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the job description as it related to DOL requirements. Students work at least five hours a week for each period they are enrolled in Work-based Learning, but may work more if that is of interest to the employer or student.  Students receive elective course credit for successful completion of the prorgam.
To learn more about Work-Based Learning, contact Virginia Gibbs, coordinator of Innovative Partnerships, Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeships at 770-716-1209 ext 231 orgibbs.virginia@mail.fcboe.org  or visit thewebpage here.
The next Education Committee meeting is Tuesday, August 16 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at the Fayette Chamber of Commerce